Dan Ferber

Dan Ferber crafts clear and compelling stories on science, technology, health and sustainability, and helps people tell theirs. Whether it’s long form or short, digital or print, text, multimedia, or speaking, Dan delivers stories that inform, engage and inspire.

Dan Ferber

What clients say about Dan

An astonishingly meticulous and articulate science writer and editor. 

Stephen George

Vice President - Content at Kalmbach Media

Dan is a master of narrative storytelling, and he brings that passion to his editing.

Becky Lang

Editor-in-Chief, Discover Magazine

I learned more from Dan about the craft in 12 short months than I did from any editor I’ve ever worked with.

Jeff O’Heir

Senior Content Manager, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Dan always comes through with a high-quality story and will stay with a piece until it is top notch. 

Cori Vanchieri

Features Editor, Science News magazine