Articles: Health

I've covered medical research from bench to bedside, and written about psychological well-being, which affects health profoundly. I write about toxic chemicals, air pollution, and climate change, which can affect public health in equally powerful ways. To write insightfully about health, I find it essential to cast a broad net and keep an open mind.

Re-engineering Your Body, Reader's Digest
Inside and out, we expect perfection. Now, technology is providing the tools.
(First Place, Best Medical/Science Reporting, Society of Professional Journalists, Indiana Professional Chapter)

This Won't Hurt a Bit, Reader's Digest
New breakthroughs are making it easier than ever to save your teeth—even your life.

Ahead of Her Time, Cancer Research magazine
In the early 1970s, breast cancer wasn't a topic of polite conversation.
So Barbara Boyd broadcast it into living rooms.

Laugh Your Ass Off, Women's Health
New studies are revealing the surprising health benefits of busting a gut.

The Checkup That Can Save Your Life, Reader's Digest
The dentist may be the most important doctor you see this year.

Don't Be a Pill, Women's Health
What frustrates M.D.'s most? Paperwork, malpractice suits...and their patients. Yup, even sweet little you. Learn how not to drive your doctor crazy—and you'll both feel a lot better.